Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why do u wear socks??

     Haih... i'm freakin tired of answering dis...wherever i go ppl would ask the same boring question "why do u wear socks??" or " are u cold?? Then y wear socks??"

    4 those of u who still dont know, i dont have any real reasons 4 it... even i dont know myself y i wear em. but when ppl ask, i would just say " its a habit" or "juz 4 fun". they're stuck on my feet ever since i was small... mebe it's bcuz of my genetics (none in my family wears em but my dad likes to cover his feet with his blanket or pillow) or mebe it's becuz of watever trauma i've faced when i was small (dont know which one though).

     Some ppl would even ask "mcm mn rasa klu buang stokin??". My answer: " mcm mn ko rs bila ko jln2 kat luar x pki sluaq, cmtu la rasanya...". Hahaha juz jokin... Actually i never take em off except when im goin to the toilet or when im outside. Y i take em off when im outside? I like the wind to brush my feet off, makes em feel better (not cuz i dont want ppl to see em k...)
the feelin of not wearing socks is kinda  like when u feel like u forgot somethin really important...
    Nyway, whenever u see me wearin em, just think of it as a habit.


  1. im quoting here

    "the feelin of not wearing socks is kinda like when u feel like u forgot somethin really important..."

    the feeling is like u miss me aite?
    jus make the words simple la mate!