Friday, March 13, 2009


umm... what do people talk about in their 1st blog??...umm...maybe i should introduce meself.

My real name: I don't remember... just call me Goufii... :D
Age: I'll be 19 next monday
Sex: Male
Hobby: reading comics/novels, play basketball, com. games, watching U-rated movies, anime, sleeping, doin nothin, etc.
Habit: wearing socks... dont ask y...
Fav. F&D: kambin bkr and ice lemon tea :D
Fav. Quotes: " Daymn"
" Aku sedot lemak2 ko!!!"
Anything Else??: im just a normal guy living in a normal house with my not-so-normal family, and like to do normal things. Have two weird bro, a stinkin lil sis, mom, dad and fishes as pets.
About my personality, i'm not a social type of guy but enjoys havin companies most of the time. Some say i'm funny, while others say im boring. Im an optimistic guy, and a patient guy most of da time. I aint no genius, and i'm slow when it comes to numbers. I like animals especially eagles, cheetahs, and ligers. Currently im still enjoyin my life although im still single, nvr thought of havin a girlfriend since i know i aint famous with da girls and bcuz im too buzy to have 1 rite now. I'm now studying in Intec Uitm, doin ADFP, majoring in biotech and insya-Allah I'll be flyin this year.

-I dont expect this blog to be a hit, but rather hope that this blog could serve any1 who would even mind reading this something good, even if its just a little.
- also, dont expect me to be really active in this. Ill upsate it when i feel like to and might stop doing so when im bored with this.

so, thats it for now...