Sunday, June 14, 2009

Internet : Macam2

internet, the main source of information in our current age. People nowadays would prefer using it than going to the library as it is fast and easy to use. around 4 billion people uses internet everyday for various purposes such as entertainment, research, communication etc. i, for 1, use it almost everyday for lotsa reasons. But lately, i'm starting to get interested in pics u can find in the net, n i would like to show some here...

1. weird n funny pics...

first, i would like to show some weird n funny pics i found, such as this one :

dis one's kinda dirty, but anyhow i find it interesting, especially the nike and energizer ones.
here's another one:

here's uncle sam, doin his every day job of making the americans pay up their taxes. good thing i aint livin in the states right now... i dont wanna get hit by that freakin huge wrench

next one is kinda offensive, but i mean no harm:

it's pretty amazing how these people manage to do this. I mean, putting woman into the periodic table isnt somethin i would think of b4... i wonder how they'll make a male version of this...

next one is :

n who say kids cant do cpr?...(or french kiss...)

no wonder coca-cola smells funny...

man, who wouldnt scream in this situation?

2. cute pics

i'm not really into cute things...but i find em nice to look at...i also helps me relieve stress...

i would LOVE to crush this ball of fur with my hands.... i mean, daymn this guy is cute...

i used to kept hamsters b4... but after several years, i gave em up... high maintenance...

i would call em lil durians :D

i would surely make my childrens wear like this kid...

well, that's it for now. insya-Allah i try add more interesting pics in the future.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why do u wear socks??

     Haih... i'm freakin tired of answering dis...wherever i go ppl would ask the same boring question "why do u wear socks??" or " are u cold?? Then y wear socks??"

    4 those of u who still dont know, i dont have any real reasons 4 it... even i dont know myself y i wear em. but when ppl ask, i would just say " its a habit" or "juz 4 fun". they're stuck on my feet ever since i was small... mebe it's bcuz of my genetics (none in my family wears em but my dad likes to cover his feet with his blanket or pillow) or mebe it's becuz of watever trauma i've faced when i was small (dont know which one though).

     Some ppl would even ask "mcm mn rasa klu buang stokin??". My answer: " mcm mn ko rs bila ko jln2 kat luar x pki sluaq, cmtu la rasanya...". Hahaha juz jokin... Actually i never take em off except when im goin to the toilet or when im outside. Y i take em off when im outside? I like the wind to brush my feet off, makes em feel better (not cuz i dont want ppl to see em k...)
the feelin of not wearing socks is kinda  like when u feel like u forgot somethin really important...
    Nyway, whenever u see me wearin em, just think of it as a habit.

Friday, March 13, 2009


umm... what do people talk about in their 1st blog??...umm...maybe i should introduce meself.

My real name: I don't remember... just call me Goufii... :D
Age: I'll be 19 next monday
Sex: Male
Hobby: reading comics/novels, play basketball, com. games, watching U-rated movies, anime, sleeping, doin nothin, etc.
Habit: wearing socks... dont ask y...
Fav. F&D: kambin bkr and ice lemon tea :D
Fav. Quotes: " Daymn"
" Aku sedot lemak2 ko!!!"
Anything Else??: im just a normal guy living in a normal house with my not-so-normal family, and like to do normal things. Have two weird bro, a stinkin lil sis, mom, dad and fishes as pets.
About my personality, i'm not a social type of guy but enjoys havin companies most of the time. Some say i'm funny, while others say im boring. Im an optimistic guy, and a patient guy most of da time. I aint no genius, and i'm slow when it comes to numbers. I like animals especially eagles, cheetahs, and ligers. Currently im still enjoyin my life although im still single, nvr thought of havin a girlfriend since i know i aint famous with da girls and bcuz im too buzy to have 1 rite now. I'm now studying in Intec Uitm, doin ADFP, majoring in biotech and insya-Allah I'll be flyin this year.

-I dont expect this blog to be a hit, but rather hope that this blog could serve any1 who would even mind reading this something good, even if its just a little.
- also, dont expect me to be really active in this. Ill upsate it when i feel like to and might stop doing so when im bored with this.

so, thats it for now...